About Swiss Robox Company

Swiss Robox Company was established in 1955 by George Gebhardt, 1929. He was born in ST. Gallen is the capital of the ST. Gallen, Switzerland. ROBOX is the first enterprise in the world to manufacture automatic watch winder box. George Gebhardt was a influential shareholder in the famous watchmaking Group: Vacheron Constantin before he established his own ROBOX Company. After nearly five years researching and learning about the watch winder (1950-1955), he made a great decision that led to a complete change in the demand for watch box worldwide. That is the establishment of Swiss ROBOX Company specializing in manufacturing ROBOX watch winder. However, the purpose of starting a business is to provide a Robox box for the Swiss watchmaking factories for testing of automatic watches before selling to the market. And he succeeded when his ROBOX watch box brand was received by most Swiss watchmaking factories.

Swiss Robox Factory

Until recently, in June 2014, after the Market Research Department reported a pragmatism of this watch winder box for the global market was very high, he made a further decision when he started selling his ROBOX brand in the retail consumer market to experience. The first place he sold was his country, the country with the strict people of quality and perfection. And of course, his product has been very successful here as revenue grows day by day.
Right after that, in 2015 he brought his brand products to Europe, America and most recently Asia. With such great advances, next time the ROBOX Watch Box will be an indispensable accessory for anyone who loves and has a passion for watches.

Automatic Watch Winder 1952

This is the first automatic watch winder was made by George Gebhardt in 1952, and is also the first one in the world. With the mechanism of rotation and reverse in many different directions like the movement of the wrist. It uses power of the battery to convert it into mechanical energy through magnetic fields. Although his invention was not used in practice due to the influence of the magnetic field on the watch, it not only marked the turning point for the introduction of today’s watch winder box, but also breakthrough to form the idea for the birth of his own Swiss Robox Company today.

About Swiss Robox Company - Robox box brand